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Whoa wow ey oh yo whoa wowie wow wow zoiksaroni WHAT do we have HERE?!?!


Sure, PRS Private Stock guitars are the stuff dreams are made of most of the time already. I’m regularly drooling over pictures of them while scrolling mindlessly through Reverb and crying, but THIS one stopped me dead in my tissues.

For the low price of $12,620 (free shipping! woot!) this incredibly gorgeous hunk of wood can be yours. I’m a guy who likes to play his guitars and not handle them with kid gloves (you can hear all my strong opinions on that) but this is one I’d be happy to hang on a wall behind glass because this shit is ART.

It looks like a beautiful island map in a sea of blood. This is easily the prettiest guitar I have seen all year, and I look at a LOT of guitars in my line of work. This one also has a cool 25.5-24.75″ multiscale that’s perfect for a 6-string guitar, probably feels great. I had a Strandberg 6 string with a similar fan and it was very nice to play; can you put nylon strings on a steel string guitar? There’s even a demo video for it:

If you’re like me and can’t afford this without never eating food again, but still want a nice looking PRS, may I offer the following alternatives:

Not as bonkers, but still a thing of beauty and coming in at 1/6th the price is this Whale Blue CE24 for a mere $2,239. Still too rich for your blood? Yeah, me too. At least, until that next stimulus check comes in…

Can’t wait until then? There’s always this bad boy:

Now here’s a guitar I actually own. Mine’s a newer than this one, but the SE models from PRS are always stunners for the money. For sure some of the best tops you can get on a guitar at this price, and this used one from 2007 is only $385 on Reverb right now. I play mine pretty regularly and am always impressed with everything about it.

In closing, let’s look at this one just one more time:

A girl can dream.

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