I’ll Have To Sell “My Immortal” Soul To Buy This EVANESCENCE-Owned ESP Grynch For $67,869.10 – FIND OF THE WEEK

Sometimes you see a price that makes you scream WAKE ME UP but you can’t wake up because it’s real – like the price of this ESP “Grynch” James Hetfield signature guitar that was used by the band’s former guitarist John LeCompt in their wildly popular “My Immortal” music video. For the low price of just $67,869.10, you can be the (third?) owner of this guitar.

Comes with plenty of proof that it was, in fact, owned by John LeCompt, which I guess is something you want?

On the off-chance that you don’t have that kind of scratch just sitting around, waiting for a guitar that’s in a 17-year-old music video for 30 seconds, we’ve got other guitars like it that will call your name and save you from the dark.

This E-II Viper Baritone has all the same basic features as the Grynch, but for around 1/63rd of the price, and doesn’t have any terrible green flames on it either. $1600 gets you a much better-looking guitar without John LeCompt’s DNA under the fret ends.

See? This is what it looked like before somebody tried to make it look like a Misfits fan’s drag car

Still too much for you to spend? Here’s one with a price that’s Going Under $1000 – an LTD Viper Baritone 400-B for $600. It’s not quite at the level of Japanese-made E-II or the US-made Grynch, but once again has all the same basic features.

Less money, more little flag inlays. What’s not to love?

But if you absolutely MUST have an ESP Viper with green dragster flames on it, and you can’t shell out the price of a really nice new car for it, well, there’s always this one – and it’s only $34.99.

Sure, it’s a 1:4 scale model, but think of all the tiny little action figure rockstars who need them. I’m sure you have a John LeCompt doll on your dresser that just WON’T be complete without it.

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