FIND OF THE WEEK – WES BORLAND’s 7-String Ibanez Acoustic is on Detroit’s Craigslist

Wes Borland Ibanez

Wes Borland needs no introduction, does he? He’s a likable weirdo who successfully filled the coffer as guitarist in one of nü metal’s most oddly charming ensembles. The Find of the Week this time around is his Ibanez acoustic 7-string used on the Bizkit’s Significant Other. It’s got a Fishman preamp built in and was supposedly ran through a gained-out Mesa during the recording sesh.


The guitar’s up for sale on Craigslist in Detroit from a dude who bought it off Wes himself:

I purchased this from him about a year ago when he was selling off some guitars and other Limp Bizkit stuff to raise money for a cat charity.

Cat charity, you say. Cool, cool…well, if you decide to pull the trigger on this thing, you’ll also get an original Borland painted right on the case itself:

Wes Borland Limp Bizkit Ibanez

Craigslist ads with decent resolution photos are a myth.

So you know, go cop this thing or whatever.

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