FIND OF THE WEEK – Rickenbacker 4003 Owned by MASTODON’S Troy Sanders

The “Find of the Week” this time around is a real doozy. Troy Sanders, bassist of a relatively unknown group called Mastodon, is selling his Rickenbacker 4003 on eBay.


Here it is, in all its MapleGlo(ry).

It’s a 2013, and Troy’s listed it as basically brand new/unplayed, which may or may not do something for you if you’re a superfan. According to the listing, he bought it in New York City and it’s practically been sittin’ in the case since. I mean, it’s still got the stickers on it, for Chrissake.

As of this moment, the bid’s up to about $1,700 with a little over a week to go. Whether you’re a massive Mastodon fan or not, this 4003 is still sweet as hell.

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