Find of the Week, Presented by – Simpsons Themed Snare by OCDP was founded with a simple mission: to create the best place for musicians to buy and sell the gear they use to create the music they love. It’s kind of like an online Craigslist marketplace, but without flaky sellers, long drives to the wrong address and no PayPal protection – and it’s all music gear! My credit card is in serious trouble.


For some reason, when boutique builders pick a theme for a one-off or short run wacky themed instrument, 100% of the time they pick the Simpsons. Ok, that’s clearly not true, but we have covered an unnatural amount of Simpsons-themed pedals, so it sure seems that way.

Well now it’s time for something not that different – something a little more spendy, but something that would for sure make you stand out – this snare from Orange County Drums & Percussion with an iconic Simpsons wrap featuring the entire cast of wacky characters that you love!

According to the seller, this USA-made snare has a 20 ply 7.5×14 maple shell, tube lugs, and
die-cast hoops. That’s a pretty bigass snare, I bet it sounds pretty beefy! If you head over to now, it could be yours and only yours, without the hassle and stress of bidding, waiting, sweatily hovering over the bid button to try and snipe something only to feel the agony of shopping defeatedly.

And hey, while you’re there, why not enter to win $500 towards anything on the site? That’ll get you about halfway to owning the above snare, or anything else that suits your fancy!

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