FIND OF THE WEEK: Ludwig Alex Van Halen Stage Played Complete 1980 Invasion Tour Kit For $275,000

That’s right, the drum kit used by Alex Van Halen on Van Halen’s 1980 Invasion tour is now available on Reverb for the low low price of $275,000 plus $2,000 shipping! The kit comes with a whopping four bass drums — 2x 24″ on the left and 2x 26″ on the right, which are connected via a wild-looking rubber tube to adjust the depth of each drum. The snare is a Ludwig 14″ x 6.5 Supraphonic, the rack toms are single-headed 12″, 13″, and 14″, and the floor toms are 16″ and 18″, respectively.


From the seller:

“Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Alex Van Halen stage-played complete kit on Van Halen 1980 Invasion Tour, photo-documented w/ drums and cymbals obtained directly from Alex through author of CRASH: The World’s Greatest Drum Kits (no gong or fire extinguisher included). Was on display at the RRHOF. See pix for details. A portion of proceeds goes to charity.”

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime sale if you’ve got an extra $300,000 lying around.

In case this isn’t within your budget, how about this 2017 Ludwig LM402AVH Limited Edition Alex Van Halen Sig. Supraphonic 6.5×14″ Aluminum Snare?

This brand new signature snare has been signed by AVH and includes copper die-cast hoops, tube lugs, a custom AVH copper badge, AVH Remo Emperor X Batter Head, custom-built Anvil hard case, and a whole bunch of other sweet features! It may be going for $4,999, but if you’re a drummer and a serious AVH fan, this might be the perfect snare to add to your collection.

Okay, okay, fine, maybe the snare isn’t the thing you’re after. Maybe it’s this gorgeous Paiste 2002 Reverend Al’s Big Ride 24″ cymbal!

From the seller:

“Since 1983 Paiste cymbals have been a part of Alex Van Halen‘s unmistakably unique sound. His setup always consisted primarily of 2002 cymbals so it’s not a surprise that the new „Reverend Al’s Big Ride“, created in co-operation with Alex, is also part of the 2002 range. Soundwise this 24“cymbal is similar to the 24“ Giant Beat, which has been Alex‘s favorite ride cymbal since it’s re-release in 2005.”

This beautiful cymbal is currently going for $465, which is definitely worth it if you’re a fan of Alex Van Halen’s sound. What are you waiting for?

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