FIND OF THE WEEK – Guitar Made From 44 Million-Year-Old Baltic Amber

Are you one of those weird dudes that’s super into geode magazines and collecting colorful rocks? Or do you need a gift for the paleontologist in your life that has everything? Well have a geez this one-of a-kind electric guitar from Lava. Nothing fancy. It’s just made from a big chunk of Baltic amber that’s 44 million years old. Oh, it does cost $80,000 though…


It looks like it’s made of that one plectrum material that old dudes use.

So this is the Lava “Black Amber Drop #1” guitar. Pretty badass, huh? Before you scoff at the US$80k price tag, remember, amber is fossilized tree sap from waaay before people (or anything even remotely resembling people) existed. So is 80 grand really too much? You’d have your very own ancient slab of earth to play “More Than A Feeling” on. How many of your evolutionary ancestors could say they’ve done that?

Rock made from actual lava(!) being prepped for use on other Lava guitars. Who are these ppl?

Check out the specs:

-7 lbs, 15 oz.
-4.4 lbs of Baltic Black Amber
-1-Piece Sapele Neck and 5mm Body Rim
-2 Carbon Fiber Rods for Neck Reinforcement
-24-3/4” Scale Length
-.780″ Neck Profile at Nut
-.940” Neck Profile at 12th Fret
-Ebony Fretboard
-Lace Alumitone Humbuckers
-24 Karat Gold Plated Lava Headstock Logo
-Gold Hardware

…mmmnah you’re right. Unless you’re the rich old guy from Jurassic Park, who the-shit has that kind of money for a sparkly guitar made of amber?

If you are that guy though, head over to the Music Zoo online store and grab the “Black Amber Drop #1” before some other wealthy geophile does.

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