FIND OF THE WEEK: Chris Shiflett of THE FOO FIGHTERS Sets Up Shop on Reverb


When rock stars sell their gear, they typically sell fast. It’s a rare chance to own a piece of history. And sweat. But you still want that history/sweat in your collection because maybe, just maybe, that rock star mojo might rub off on YOU Chriss Shiflett of The Foo Fighters has set up shop on to sell some of his guitars. Each guitar tells a story, and Chris goes in depth for all 20 guitars in the shop. There are prototype, modded, and vintage axes to chose from, so grab em’ while you can!

I have an excess of guitars that I’ve gotten over the years — I have more than I could even really play and more than I do play. It would be fun to see these things find a home elsewhere, where somebody’s going to actually play them and put scratches on them,” said Shiflett. “I’m going to take these twenty guitars and turn them into two guitars. That’s kind of my plan.

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