FIND OF THE WEEK – Bass Dan Lilker Used in Brutal Truth

In yet another pre-Christmas collector’s deal, Dan Lilker is selling his old busted up B.C. Rich Warlock Bass on eBay.


It’s the perfect gift for that former Grind kid (turned middle-aged, middle manager) in your life. Picture it in the recreation room, encased in Perspex, above the pool table, next to the tattered and faded “DIE YUPPIE SCUM” tee that’s displayed on the wall.

Dan Lilker Bass For Sale (Hard Case)

The case looks like the kind of thing some smug, hipster, beardo spent 10+ hours laboring over. He painstakingly selected and placed the stickers, ageing them carefully for authenticity. Some A-lister would buy this for $5,999 if it were a jacket.

Dan used the bass on the classic Brutal Truth albums Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses, and Need to Control. Even cooler still though, this was the very bass Dan played on the S.O.D. Live at Budokan album/video.

Santa Claus is coming and you’re on his list.

Here’s what Dan says about the condition of the bass:

Works fine, but looks a little beat up due to being my main bass during Brutal Truth’s career in the early 90s.

At the time of writing, the bid is up to $1,150 with 8 days to go. But Dan bruh, you definitely should have set that starting bid way higher. Relic-ing is really popular at the moment so I would be giving it a higher valuation because it’s so beat up. There are luthiers that charge a premium for guitars to look this shitty and this one went through the process the hard way. That generation of Grind/Metal/Punk fans are probably at their wealthiest right now too, so you’re leaving money on the table.

Dan Lilker Bass For Sale (Body)

Kinda looks like it smells funny tho ay.

For everyone else, you might get a steal. So go bid on Dan Lilker’s bass here.

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