Say YES To This $17,760.99 1980 Quark Pedal Board Owned By STEVE HOWE – FIND OF THE WEEK

If you’re in the market for some sweet vintage gear from iconic groups like YES and ASIA, AND have an extra $18,000 laying around, boy oh boy, do we have good news for you! This insane Quark pedalboard that was owned by guitarist Steve Howe is now on for a mere $17,760.99 and could be yours! The 1980 board was custom built for Howe and includes specific effects he required for touring and live performances. The board also includes a flight case and comes with a personal written note and photograph so you know it’s the real deal.


Okay, maybe this piece of rock history looks like a sweet deal to you, but what if you’ve got an additional $5000 just burning a hole in your wallet? Whatever will you spend it on? Never fear! This 1960 Ecco-Fonic Tube Tape Delay owned by Hank Garland is currently a crispy $23,000 on Reverb! If you’ve always wanted to get that signature delay Mr. Garland had in his music (and you’re literally made of money), now’s your chance!

Okay okay, still too much? Might we suggest this modular pedalboard from NEXI, AKA, “The Solution” for only $250. This wild concept is a cable-less pedalboard that lets the user click in their effects pedals in any order imaginable with no extraneous cords or power bricks. It even has a built-in tuner and boost!

If you don’t want to commit to an entire pedalboard, may we suggest a couple of individual modular pedal options from Pedal Pods, with their Powered Gas Pedal for $100 and Powered Pedal Pod for $85. Pedal Pods is yet another modular pedal company who’s goal is to make your gigs as painless as possible. Their all-in-one pedal casings include all the power and connection options you need to make your live guitar setup a breeze. You can learn more about them in our NAMM video from last year below. Happy pedal hunting!

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