The TOSIN ABASI Reverb Store Is Now Live! Buy The Guitar THE JOY OF MOTION Was Written On!

If you’ve been paying attention recently, you probably saw that announced last week that they were partnering up with Animals As Leaders guitarist Tosin Abasi to launch his first official Reverb Artist Store! Well, the time has come and the store has officially opened to the public! Including over 100 guitars, pedals, and other AAL gear, the Tosin Abasi Reverb Shop features some seriously historic pieces of kit, including the guitar that The Joy of Motion was largely written and recorded on. Yeah, you’re gonna wanna head over there ASAP and check out the goods for yourself. GO GO GO.


From Reverb:

“As you might expect from a player who has done so much to popularize extended range guitar techniques, many of the guitars featured are high-performance models from brands like Ibanez, Aristides, Strandberg, Mayones, and more. These include an Ibanez Custom Shop Prestige 8-String, an Ibanez TAM100 8-String, an Aristides 080 8-String, a Mayones Tosin Abasi Custom Regius 8-String, and a Strandberg Boden 8-String.”

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