Welcome back to The Month In Gear, our look back over the past months-worth of gear demos, reviews, and general insight and/or gear-related silliness. This past October offered our mobile DIY podcasting rig build, the Tim Henson Signature THBB10, a custom Skervesen Raptor 6, and many more sick pieces of kit. They’re all here for your viewing pleasure in case you might have missed one, so sit back, relax, and enjoy October’s gear recap!


Our DIY Mobile Podcast Rig:

” Watch as we build our very own mobile podcasting rig for recording on the go with gear we got at Sweetwater!”

You can check out all the sick gear we got here and listen to our first podcast recorded with this setup featuring EYAL LEVI here.

The Jason Richardson Signature Ernie Ball Cutlass Guitar:

“blues, baby”

You can learn more about the Jason Richardson Signature Cutlass guitar here.

The Tim Henson Ibanez THBB10 Signature Guitar:

“Today we’re taking a look at the Ibanez THBB10, the signature AZ model of Polyphia’s Tim Henson from their Premium line of guitars.”

You can learn more about the Tim Henson THBB10 Signature guitar here.

The Seymour Duncan Dark Sun Pedal:

“We sat down with acoustic guitarist Adrian Bellue to take a look at the Seymour Duncan Dark Sun reverb and delay pedal, as well as to learn a section from his song ‘Stringslinger’!”

You can learn more about the Seymour Duncan Dark Sun here.

The Electric Eye Audio Mud Killer Pedal:

“Today we take a closer look at the Mud Killer OD pedal from Electric Eye Audio!”

You can learn more about the Electric Eye Audio Mud Killer here.

The Laboga DS100 Amp:

“A very tired Trey tries out the Laboga DS100 hot-rodded Plexi-style amp on the last day of 42 Gear Street!”

You can learn more about the Laboga DS100 amp here.

The Skervesen Raptor 6:

“Today I’m taking a look at the Skervesen Raptor 6 guitar with a crrrrrraaaaaaazy sick top.”

You can learn more about the Skervesen Raptor 6 here.

The Orange O-Bass:

“As a guitarist who also loves to play bass, here’s 6 good reasons why I think every guitar player should learn some low-end skills!”

You can learn more about the Orange O-Bass here.

If you’ve made it all this way, we hope you enjoyed what we’ve had to offer in gear these past few weeks, and we’ll see you next month!

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