The Fate Of The JARED DINES 17-String Guitar

It’s been a harrowing journey for Jared Dines’ plan for a Djent 2017 video. After receiving pictures of the guitar from “builder” Nicholas Olson and posting them, the Internet quickly sniffed out that he had not, in fact, built the guitar, but instead outsourced it to a Chinese company, and then put his own name on it. Jared had been waiting for the guitar for a long time and was understandably pretty bummed when he figured out it wasn’t what he’d ordered. Either way, the guitar wasn’t going to make it in time to do the video before the year was over, so he instead made a video with 17 different guitars – still an awesome video, but not what he was hoping for.


So you can understand his reaction when the guitar finally arrived:

So ends the saga of Jared’s 17-string guitar. A wild ride, to be sure.

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