INFINITY SHRED’s “Tragic Lagger” Rips Apart Proggy Electronics, Gnar, Stars

Infinity Shred dabble in a variety of progressive electronic music that’s super rare these days: mixing (actually performed) synth and keyboard tracks with actual guitars and drums. They’re also huge metal fans – taking influence from post-rock, black metal, and more – and their fantastic new album, Long Distance, even features an appearance from Vattnet Viskar guitarist Chris Alfieri.


I’m super excited to premiere “Tragic Lagger,” a title taken from Horse the Band‘s lead singer to describe the reason why he couldn’t contribute guest vocals to the album. At least he gave them a cool title.

I’ve been a fan of Infinity Shred since mainman Damon Hardrowirogo and I were little skate rats running around New York and listening to Mars Volta albums, and on Long Distance, they’ve really blossomed into something special. If you dug the Stranger Things soundtrack, then, um, check this out. This is the real shit.

Says the band of “Tragic Lagger,”

When we first started writing Tragic Lagger in 2014 it was just a simple hip hop beat that we came to realize was too intense for any rappers to use… The process of continuous revisions on this song set a standard for the rest of Long Distance, where end results were usually entirely different from what was originally intended.

Long Distance is out October 14th. Pre-order it here.

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