GIBSON Sends KIESEL Cease And Desist Over ULTRA V Guitar Model

Oh boy, it’s suing season! Guess what?! Gibson is back at it again with the lawsuits (perhaps to get out of debt??). First, Gibson went about suing Dean Guitars over several body shapes that look “kinda-sorta-vaguely” familiar to certain Gibson body shapes. Dean fired back, saying many of their body shapes have been around since the mid 70’s and Gibson’s allegations are “ludicrous.”


Now, Gibson has sent a cease and desist letter to the good guys over at Kiesel Guitars. What for you may ask? Well first, take a look at Gibson’s Flying V Guitar.

Image result for gibson flying v
Round boi butterfly wings

Now Check out Kiesel’s Ultra V:

Image result for kiesel ultra v
Asymmetrical shape with much sharper edges

I would say that these look like two completely different guitars. Kiesel refutes Gibson’s allegations in this Instagram video, saying the Ultra V is not only a different shape but has been around since 1987 under the Carvin name – while Gibson’s flying V trademark didn’t finalize until 1995. It seems pretty clear that Kiesel will win this fight. What do YOU think?

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