FALLUJAH – Singer Katie Thompson Releases Gorgeous “Dreamless” Anniversary Vocal Medley Playthrough Video


As of April 29th, Fallujah’s masterwork “Dreamless” will have been out for a whole year. One of the highlights of the album for many is the haunting siren voice of soprano Katie Thompson on three of the song’s tracks, “Abandon”, “Dreamless”, and “Lacuna”, three standout tracks given a real beautiful boost by Katie’s voice. As we near the anniversary of the release, Katie has put together this stunningly gorgeous medley playthrough of her singing her parts from the album, accompanied only by piano. If this doesn’t make you feel things, then you are dead inside. DEAD, I TELL YA!

Katie is also the singer for progressive metal band Chiasma, who rule, so if you like what you hear here, then get over there!

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