Hold the line! STEVE LUKATHER of TOTO was featured on Ernie Ball’s most recent episode of String Theory. Lukather shares some history on his upbringing and first big break into the music industry. The passion Steve shares for playing guitar is absolutely unmatched. While the desire to be the fastest or the greatest guitarist is long past him, Steve has never given up the motivation to be inspired and keep the drive going.


“It’s the greatest thing in the world to be able to have something to express yourself with besides your mouth… which usually gets you in trouble anyway. In the wise words of Frank Zappa: ‘Shut up n’ play yer guitar’.”

As we see in the video, Steve plays on some gorgeous Ernie Ball instruments. He actually has a signature of his own, appropriately called “Luke.” If you’re interested in learning more about Steve, check out his website. Be sure to also give him a follow on Twitter.

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