ENTHEOS Destroy Your Atoms In New Track “Remember You Are Dust”

Unless you’ve been living under a ROCK, you guys know how amazing progressive death metal act ENTHEOS (Chaney Crabb and Navene Koperweis) are. The band has been slaying it up since 2015, and it doesn’t look like they’re stopping any time soon. This new track “Remember You Are Dust” is an instant banger. Navene is playing drums AND guitar (FLESHWROUGHT WHO?) and if it isn’t a billion times clear already, this man has a gift for songwriting. Y’all know Chaney has more pipes than Super Mario World so the vocals on this are morbidly insane. We love this track and so will you. So kick back, hit play, whip it out, and DIE.


As always, be sure to follow Entheos on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. ALSO check out Navene and Chaney’s awesome podcast KOPERCRABB.

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