CYNIC Announce New Upcoming REMIXED Version of TRACED IN AIR

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In the early ’90s, progressive rock/metal entity CYNIC was turning heads (both to and away) in the metal community. Dressed in colorful Indian garb and singing through a vocoder was a bit odd for a band that toured with acts like Cannibal Corpse. In 1993, the band released their now-recognized iconic masterpiece Focus and toured extensively. However, in 1994, industry devourment and lack of support/understanding from the scene caused the band to split.


After a nearly fifteen-year slumber, CYNIC reemerged as well-respected veterans and released Traced In Air – a beautifully intense story of space, time, and everything in between. The 2008 lineup featured vocalist and guitarist Paul Masvidal, guitarist and growler Tymon Kruidenier, bassist Sean Malone, and drummer Sean Reinert. Now, a decade later, the band is re-releasing Traced In Air with updated bass tracks by Sean Malone, remixing done by the almighty Adam “Nolly” Getgood, and new mastering done by Ermin Hamidovic.

Here’s what Paul Masvidal had to say about the remix:

Traced In Air has been brought up to date for 2019 – a remix where something less means a little more. Cynic has always been about forging paths rather than building walls.”

Check out the remix sampler here:

Sounds freaking incredible right? Preorder Traced In Air Remixed here. before it drops on September 27th, 2019. And don’t forget to check out CYNIC on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Shred on!

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