Break A String Using JUST A Pick: The BREAK A STRING Challenge! #42gsone

Can you break a string in one minute using JUST a pick?


This past summer, Trey traveled to the first-ever 42 Gear Street convention in Germany to have all sorts of fun with a bunch of fellow music YouTubers. Among their escapades was the Break a String Challenge, in which players have only one (1) minute to break a guitar string using only a guitar pick. It might sound either impossible or effortless depending on how hard you’re used to picking, but it’s a fun and nerve-wracking way to get used to playing the absolute crap out of your instrument.

We can’t really say we recommend doing this, but if you choose to, your mileage may vary. At the very least, enjoy the video, and then head over to our 42 Gear Street playlist here to get your fix of even more crazy gear adventures.

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