Beer Gods Presents: What Is Danzig’s Favorite Beer?

We’ve been teasing our long-in-the-works segment Beer Gods, going back to August when we launched our first piece teaching you how to order a beer in Canada. The project has been developing over the last few months, and we’re happy to bring you an early Christmas present with the first interview segment, in which some of our favorite modern metal bands – including Revocation, Toxic Holocaust, Sannhet, Black Crown Initiate, Vomit Fist, White Widows Pact, Lord Dying, and more – what they think Glenn Danzig’s favorite beverage of choice is.


Danzig doesn’t have too much of a good rep these days. Dude leaves piles of bricks on his front yard, beats the shit out of his fans, and thinks he’s a doctor, among other weird bullshit. So what could he possibly sip on after an evening of bashing concert-goers, eating kitty litter, and doo-dooing on his neighbors lawn? Beer Gods investigates in this special report.

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Max is managing editor of Gear Gods.

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