Watch ALEX WEBER of SVENGAHLI Spank Strings In This Bass Playthrough Premiere of “Writing On The Wall”

Alex Weber might be a name you knuckleheads are already familiar with. Weber plays in prog-metal geniuses Exist (Prosthetic Records), played bass on the new Wormhole album, and has played live for both Defeated Sanity and Jeff Loomis in the past. In his new progressive death metal project SVENGAHLI, Alex wrote all the music, recorded all the vocals and bass, and then recruited other people to round out the line-up. “Writing On The Wall” is a brutal rollercoaster of a track, and comes off of Svengahli’s debut EP Nightmares of Our Own Design, out now! Check out the sweet artwork:


From Alex:

“‘Writing On The Wall’ is actually the oldest track on the EP with some of the master riffs/melodies dating all the way back to late 2014/early 2015! I originally wasn’t quite sure what to do with this tune but once I decided to take the plunge and start this project, it found a home real quick. It features a variety of different techniques and tones from the bass and is probably the more rhythmically complex and aggressive of the two EP tunes. A lot of fun to put together and play (hopefully live at some in the future!!) Also… because of all the social distancing we’ve all had to recently, expect the Svengahli full length to come sooner rather than later! ”

As for the gear, here’s what the dude is rocking:

  • Weber Basses Single Cut Zen 5 String (he custom builds his basses usually)
  • Aguilar AG 700 Amp
  • Darkglass Electronics Super Symmetry/Vintage Pedal
  • Ultra TC Electronic Sub ‘n Up Mini Pedal
  • TC Electronic 40th Anniversary Corona Chorus Pedal
  • TC Electronic Arena Reverb Pedal

Joining Alex on this release is Exist guitarist Matt Rossa, WAIT (The Artisan Era) guitarist Charlie Eron adding keys and drum programming help, and mixing by Anup Sastry. The playthrough itself was also was filmed, recorded and mixed by good ol’ Anup. You thought that’s all? Wait there’s more! Guest guitar solos by Kevin Hufnagel of Gorguts + Rafael Trujillo of Obscura. If that doesn’t peak your interest, then you’re not metal enough apparently. ANYWHO, want more fast fingering in your life? Then pull your pants up and follow the band on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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