WRVTH Come “Into Bloom” In This Live-In-Studio Video – A GEAR GODS Exclusive

I think WRVTH are kind of a journalist’s nightmare in a lot of ways – because music journalists like to classify bands into neat little genre packages so we can target it to the right demographic, and then we get a nice pat on the head from the men upstairs counting the money. So this pretty much sucks – for me.


For the listener, however, it’s a treat. WRVTH is a unicorn – a band that clearly fits neatly under the overarching umbrella of metal, and contains elements found in many of its subgenres – and yet is of none of them. It’s a cohesive sound, where all the pieces fit together without sounding forced or shoehorned in.

Today we catch them in what seems like an odd environment when they perform their song “Into Bloom” from their self-titled full-length in the confines of a recording studio. I say odd because they perform in this context as if they are playing live – like a caged animal who smells its prey, and yet can do nothing about it.

Click play to let the beast free.

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