THE VOYNICH CODE – Exclusive Dual Guitar Playthrough


Vinnie Mallet and André Afonso of The Voynich Code have kindly graced us with a killer dual guitar playthrough. Chances are, if you’ve spent any time sifting through heavy modern music in the past couple years, you’ve at least seen the name pop up somewhere. The Lisbon, Portugal-based group has been at it for a few years now, with a single and an EP under their collective belts. To my ears, they sound like a tech death band with some proggy – or, dare I say – “djenty” leanings. I also sense a unique element of their sound that separates them from the hordes of tech deathers out there. Arbitrary classifications aside, they rip, as evidenced here.

Luckily, we’ll be hearing plenty more from The Voynich Code very soon. Their next album, Aqua Vitae, is set for a May 5th release through Primordial Records. Annnd, the first single from the record came out just over a day ago. You can check out “Delusions” (featuring Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red) right here.

In the meantime, take a trip through their back catalog if you’ve yet to do so. There’s plenty of brutality and headiness in there to keep you well occupied until Aqua Vitae drops.

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