Find Your New Favorite Gem in this Exclusive Music Video for SIFTING’s “Blowing Fire”


Are you having a day? Those days suck right? Just a big ol’ “MEH” of a nothing of a day. Nothing special happens, you have no money, you hate your job, just what’s the deal with today? I know the deal. You haven’t seen the new SIFTING video for “Blowing Fire” have you? Well, we got an exclusive hook up for you (thank us later), which will surely put a smile on something.

This video is sort of an anomaly. It is cheesy. Like waaaaay cheesy. You have a big shot millionaire mistreating hired servants and entertainment while he and some girl live it up. It’s a tale as old as time, really. I started this thing and went “Oh boy, here we go”, not expecting to like it. But it was hard as hell to do that, man! The mood that this video and this band puts out is so feel good, it’s almost disgusting. The song is catchy, there’s a spoken word bridge, there’s a super poppy solo that I should hate but I love. I shouldn’t like this song at all. It is definitely not my thing. But every time I see them all having such a good damn time, I can’t help but smile along with them. The boys in the band have taken me.

Sifting just released their album Not From Here, and if the rest it is as fun as this song, you’re in for a good time. Grip it and rip it from their merch site. If you just want to feel happy for a bit, check out their Facebook to see them all smiling.

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