SAVE US FROM THE ARCHON: Get Saved By This Exclusive Guitar Playthrough For “Thread Between”


Pennsylvania-based mathcore band Save Us From The Archon have been slaying it in the instrumental post hardcore/progressive scene for a few years now. The band just released their newest album Melancholia a little over a month ago, and have been busy showing off their tasty style to the world. If you’re a fan of riffs that go widdly-diddly, you’re gonna love the news we have for you. Without further adieu, get a fresh peep at this new guitar playthrough of the song “Thread Between”, only right here, on Gear Gods!

Guitarist Andrew Cresto shreds through this thing faster than falsified documents in a wood chipper. If you’re a fan of bands like TTNG, CHON, and Polyphia, this is most likely gonna be right up your alley. Walking the very thin line between technical and melodic, the song is full of beautifully voiced chords and post hardcore energy. The track looks like it’s a doozy to play on guitar, but our man Andrew conquers it all, and them some. About performing the song and his guitar, Andrew had this to say:

Thread Between is a really fun song to play because of all the upstroke hits and changing dynamics. The solo shreds hard as life and the clean tapping section at the end utilizes most of the techniques I’ve been integrating for years. I’m so happy to be repping this beautiful Dalbello tele style guitar. The neck has a perfect feel for fast movements, the body is chambered and super lightweight for the most comfortable live shows and the Duncan pickups cut sharp through the mix. I absolutely love it.

The band is currently out on the road supporting Eidola and The Ongoing Concept. Dates and deets can be found below. To save yourself from the archon, be sure to hit up their merch store and social medias (FacebookBandcamp).

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