Wisconsin Prog Metal-ites PANGAEA Celebrates 100th Episode of “Doing the Riffs” With the Pinnacle of Riffage: “Through the Fire and Flames”


There is a lot to say about the boys in Pangaea. These guys put in WORK. They have been playing shows pretty much nonstop since their 2015 release Roots, and when they aren’t playing shows, they are still hard at work to keep audiences coming back for more. Specifically, guitarists Evan Webster and Trae Titus have a weekly Youtube show called “Doing the Riffs”, where they learn and perform riffs from a whole mess of bands (and they nail it every time). So since Doing the Riffs is now officially 100 weeks in, we here at Gear Gods are lucky enough to premiere the 100th episode! The boys tackle the very peak of guitar performance for this special occasion: Dragonforce’s “Through the Fire and Flames”.

The best part about these things is how they manage to make legitimately entertaining videos while at the same time absolutely crushing the songs. And this one has even more goofs and gaffs than usual (complete with an obligatory nod to Guitar Hero III), and even then, they play the song pretty flawlessly, and all in one take!

As mentioned, the band’s 2015 release Roots is out, and it’s one of those bangers you definitely need to hear. Go to their bandcamp to picker up, dere. If you’re one of those bozos who hasn’t seen the rest of Doing the Riffs, you can watch all of them on the band’s YouTube channel. How ’bout that! They also have a Christmas special which announced a new album coming out sometime this year, so keep an eye on Facebook and hold on to your nuts, cause it’s gonna rip them off.

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