Watch All of PROCESS: GORGUTS Right Now!

Today marks the release of the new Gorguts EP, Pleiades’ Dust. I’ve not shut my goddamn mouth about this album since I first heard it was being written, so today I’ll let the band speak for themselves.


In case you guys missed the two-part series on MetalSucks and Metal Injection, I put together a little conversational documentary with the band that we’re calling Process, and it’s about, in a word, process. This seems like an obvious subject but its one that’s consistently avoided by most mainstream and subcultural media, who tend to (consciously or not) just ask bands the same old boring questions about influences, release dates, and etc. that you could find in any old press release.

Episode 1, focuses on the writing of the album; while Episode 2 is a deep-dive into recording and mixing. Check both of them out below, along with a stream of the album, which is out now via Season of Mist.

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