GALACTIC PEGASUS Searches The Forest For “The Faultline” In This Exclusive Bass Playthrough


The woods are a beautiful and mysterious place, home to a diverse range of plants and animals. Captured here is the fabled red-bearded bassist: a rare, highly-advanced species native to the British Columbian wilds, recognized by its distinctive facial coat and low-pitched 6-stringed instrument crafted from the remains of felled trees. This specimen in particular, who calls himself Johnny Ciardullo, even plays in a progressive metalcore band called Galactic Pegasus. Nature’s the best, man.

Directed by our own Connor Gilkinson and his Ravencraft Creative team, this is as good looking of a playthrough as you might ever see.

Played here, “The Faultline” is the seventh track from Galactic Pegasus’s Phantom of the Hill, released last November. Do give the album a go if you haven’t; it’s a ripper. You can also trace the rest of the Galactic Pegasus crew on their journey out of the woods and into your heart right here.

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  • If I could hear his tone even a little in the mix bit this would probably be pretty great

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