FACE THE MAYBE Stab You With A Prog Metal “Dagger” – Exclusive Playthrough


Barcelona, Spain based metal quintet Face The Maybe returned this year with their sophomore full-length album The Wanderer. A guitar & bass playthrough video for the song “Dagger,” performed by guitarist Eimel Nisrain Trejo and bassist Frederic Alexandre Tores, can be seen above.

About the writing process for this year’s album, the band commented: “It has been five years since our first release, ‘Insight’, and a lot of things have changed. A lot of experimental mixtures have emerged and it has encouraged us to keep working on music as the blank canvas it is. When we first released our single ‘Seth’, back in 2013, it was clear to us that we wanted to put out a conceptual album, despite not knowing exactly what it meant back then. ‘Seth’ was a very good starting point and we wanted to keep expanding our capabilities. We started to work on music in parallel to the lyrics and story Tom had been creating by mixing poetry, ancient myths and personal reflections. The result was a tale with many narrative pillars like the use of many mythical characters like Seth himself or the Danaides, both of them representing rebellious poses as the story goes by.”

The guitar – bass signal chains throughout the record:


Mayones 7 String Regius > Fractal AXE FX II Mark II> Logic Pro 9 (later mixed in Pro Tools on the studio).


Fender 5 string Jazzbass > M-Audio Fast Track Pro > Logic Pro 9 (using Logic’s bass amp sims and FX). Later mixed in Pro Tools.

Get a copy of The Wanderer from Bandcamp, and follow Face The Maybe on Facebook.

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