EXCLUSIVE: BLACK FAST Guitarist Trevor Johanson Demolishes Guitar Playthrough Of “Silhouette Usurper”


Over the decades, so many have fought tooth and nail over what is “trve” metal. It’s a battle that has yet to end, even after thousands have weighed in. Obviously, we can’t have any clean singing or 18 string guitars. We need riffs, shredding, and speed. Black Fast don’t waste your time with catchy choruses, breakdowns, or a moment to breathe.

Trevor Johanson kicks our asses with speedy tremolo riffing in this guitar playthrough for “Silhouette Usurper” off of the upcoming Spectre of Ruin. If you’re looking for pure thrashery, this is your ticket! This song is non-stop thrash metal glory: best enjoyed at load volumes with a beer in hand. Spectre of Ruin releases on July 13th via eOne.

Catch them on tour this summer with Exmortus and a crew of thrashy gents!

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