ENTERPRISE EARTH – “Embrace the Ashes” EXCLUSIVE Guitar Playthrough


Gabe Mangold, guitarist in Spokane, WA-based deathcore quintet Enterprise Earth graced us with this crushing exclusive playthrough of “Embrace the Ashes.” Earlier this year, the group released their second full-length record, Embodiment. You’ll find “Embrace the Ashes” as the album’s eighth track.

Enterprise Earth are currently well into a North American run with Make Them Suffer and Spite, the dates/tickets for which can be found here. There’re are still plenty of shows left between now and September 2nd when the tour concludes, so be sure to roll out if they come your way.

Of course, if you liked what you heard from this playthrough, give the rest of Embodiment a go, and toss a “like” this way.

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