Watch a Live Stream from GUITCON Hosted by Trey, Featuring the Whole Internet!


Trey’s been running around at GuitCon in Germany this past week, and he had the opportunity to host a live Q&A-style chat with tons of familiar faces. Let’s see if I can list all the guests: Henning Pauly, Pixxy Lixxx, Pete Thorn, Jennifer James, Phillip McKnight, CSGuitars, Jason McNamara, and David Wallimann. If any or all of those names ring a bell, then this stream’s worth a peek.

There’s a coffer of knowledge bombs/nerdiness between everyone here, and seeing them kick back and have a candid conversation (guided by Trey’s moderating, of course) is pretty dang cool. Granted, it’s a 3-hour recording, so don’t feel bad if you gotta skip around a bit. It ain’t all just talking; there’re some tasty jams to be heard, too.

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