The PLINTERVALS Experience – A Four-Day Music Camp/Mountain Hang with INTERVALS and PLINI

QUICK! Tell your parents you can’t make the annual Hawaii trip this summer, because the Plintervals Experience is coming to town! Pencil it in, ya’ll, because July 31st to August 4th is booked. Intervals and Plini, including Troy Wright, Simon Grove, and Nathan Bulla, are running an educational camp at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, New York. Opportunities to learn directly from your heroes like this don’t come around very often.


For a full four days campers will be able to learn from, and just shoot the shit with, Plintervals–not to mention all the other like-minded folks there. Some of the major activities include a collaborative recording workshop in which all attendees put together a song; open jams that allow campers to sit in with Plini and Intervals; live performance and songwriting workshops; and a music biz session with Andy Alt (he’s Steve Vai’s marketing director and runs A Little Thunder pickups). There aren’t enough emojis in the universe to express how 100 lit af fam this is gonna be.

For a full pricing breakdown, registration details, and more, head to the official Plintervals Experience page here or tap the critter below. Cheers, Guitar World, for bringing this to our attention!

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