How Metal and Rock Got into Online Casinos

Just like the gaming industry, the online casino industry is booming. Online casino sites have millions of users worldwide, and despite the heavy government taxes they still reap handsome profits. How can this be? The casino industry is no stranger to technological trends so when the internet became popular they adapted. When mobile gaming started to shine they made their websites mobile-friendly. Now that VR is slowly taking over the future of gaming they will surely follow along there, too.

Pop culture is changing as constantly as tech trends, which is why online casinos like Novibet casino, 888 Casinos, and others pay attention to evolving technology and why many online casino has games are inspired by movies and TV series. Rambo, Game of Thrones and Vikings slot games have also entered the casino world, just as famous metal and rock bands and artists have gotten their own. Here are a few of those highlights.

Spinal Tap

The Spinal Tap slot game is a perfect example of how pop culture and music can merge with the casino industry. The Spinal Tap slot is based on the ’80s movie This is Spinal Tap, the infamous parody of rock and metal bands. The band’s music is playing in the background as you increase your winning streak and achieve bonuses, and band members’ likenesses are used for the reels together with other symbols from the movie such as the iconic Stonehenge. The bonus rounds are themed according to the band’s story so be ready for a few laughs.

Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses are rock icons that will be remembered for generations, so it’s no wonder that the band were made into a slot game. Axl Rose and the gang are absolute legends whose music has influenced countless other bands, and now their legend status has inspired game studios to develop a slot game based on their career. The slot games feature their classic hits playing in the background and images of band members throughout. Fans of the band are head over heels with the game as there are bonus features based on the band that make playing the game enjoyable and unforgettable.

Elvis Presley

Who can forget the King of rock and roll? Despite having left this world decades ago, the music that Elvis made has turned into classics that will be listened to for generations to come. The Elvis-dedicated game is filled with various symbols from throughout his career like blue suede shoes and a teddy bear. The vinyl records are the bonus symbols and Elvis is the wild symbol everyone is looking for. All in all, it’s a great way for fans to entertain themselves as well as anyone who, somehow, hasn’t heard about him at all. 

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