Four Amazing Rock Gambling Songs

Popular rock stars live their lives on the edge, and in a sense they apply the same level of risk as casino customers. Rock bands gather people from all around the world to attend their performances, and gamblers can be seen playing in Vegas and major casino locations. They even announced this at and encouraged even the latest gamblers to join the big night. Taken one step further, some rock stars are popular for having a direct connection with judi online casinos thanks to their widely known hits. Read on and find the best song releases related to gambling. In the gambling casino you can pay by phone casinos in the UK , visit for more details.


AC/DC – “The Jack”

Perhaps the slowest AC/DC song but always great to hear nonetheless, “The Jack” utilizes a lot of gambling metaphors. The word “jack,” in this case, is a metaphor for Gonorrhea. The frontman of the group at the time, the late Bon Scott, actually sings about the women who used to live with the entire band, saying, she spreads the jack from one bandmate to another.”

O.A.R. – “That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker”

If you have a look at the song title you might guess that the song has a connection with poker. When you start listening to the song, however, you will be more than convinced about what the true meaning is. There is a story revealing that the song appeared due to the band’s obsession with the Stephen King novel The Stand.

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Elvis Presley- “Viva Las Vegas”

Viva Las Vegas by Elvis Presley is an anthem of Las Vegas casinos. Just look at these words: “Oh, there’s blackjack and poker and the roulette wheel, a fortune won and lost on every deal…” This song was a huge hit in Elvis’s time, but today we already have something different from land-based venues – online platforms. Despite moving all these popular Vegas machines and other games online, people prefer to play games at with song playing “Viva Las Vegas” remains one of the best songs related to the casino sector.

The Rolling Stones – “Casino Boogie”

“Casino Boogie” is perhaps one of the most obscure songs released by The Rolling Stones. The inspiration for the song came from the band staying in the south of France when they used to visit the Monte Carlo casino online. If you take a look at lyrics, you won’t be able to make much sense of it. But as Mick Jagger noted, the song was written in “cut-ups” using different lines without a specific order. Still, the song became one of the great casino hits for the ages.


As you can see, these songs are the most popular ones in the gambling sector. There are other songs that put forward a casino-related atmosphere, but these four are specific and beloved among gamblers.

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