5 Reasons Guitar Pickup Rings Are Just The Worst




Sure, it’s just my opinion. But holy shit, there is no faster way to ruin a perfectly attractive guitar that slapping a pair of thick, ugly, plastic rectangles on your guitar for no good goddamn reason at all. Good thing you paid extra for a AAAAA quilted maple top so you could cover part of it up with a couple of eyesores.

They don’t do anything


Ask yourself – what does a pickup ring do? What is the purpose of its existence? If pickup rings were wiped off the face of the planet tomorrow, would anyone even miss them? Anything you can do with a pickup ring, you can do with them direct mounted. A pickup mounting technique needs to do 2 things: attach the pickup to the body, and allow the pickup height to be adjusted. A pickup ring achieves these things – but so does a proper direct mount. All you’re doing with a pickup ring is adding more parts that could fail.

Flip side: It is not entirely unheard of for a direct-mount pickup to come loose, although it’s incredibly rare, and it’s never happened to me.

You need to drill 8 holes in your top


Got a guitar with pickup rings and decide that you don’t want them on there (You’ve come to your senses. Good, good.)? The choice now becomes having pickup rings or 8 fugly screwholes in your exotic imported wood top. There’s no buffing that shit out. Your axe is now scarred for life, as will be all the people who look at it. Think of the children.

They come standard on most dad guitars

lawyer guitar

9 out of 10 doctors agree that a Les Paul is the greatest guitar ever made.

They murdered my parents in front of me

And now I walk the streets at night in an armored costume, dispensing justice to thugs and punks who stain this city. I AM THE BATMAN


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  • 9 out of 10 broke musicians agree, they’re jealous of the doctor with the Les Paul Custom.

  • Is it possible to do height adjustments without them though ?

  • I play a hollowbody gretsch, try direct mounting that.

  • Yeah I strongly agree with you. And why most direct mounted guitars are those expensive ones like Suhr?

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