Well, Here’s an Isolated TRIVIUM Drum Cam

I haven’t really been keeping tabs on Trivium, though I did write briefly about Matt Heafy’s brief flirtation with Hetfield Eetfukcore on MetalSucks last week.


The band has impressively held basically the same lineup for a long ass time now, with the exception of the drummer’s stool, which has had a bit of a rotation over the last five years. The current kid on the kit is Paul Wandtke, whose resume includes a former house drummer position with the Rock of Ages musical.

The band just uploaded a cool live cam showing off what Paul can do, for the song “Dead and Gone.” The nice thing is the audio is pulled from the drum microphones on the board alone, so you really can get a sense of Paul’s live playing. Check it out below:

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  • Lucas LeCompte

    I saw them live not to long ago with sevendust, and trivium was pretty bad ass. They played a lot of 7 string songs which made me happy.

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