SCORPIONS 50th Anniversary Drum Solo Shows You Why Rock & Roll Is Forever

Scorpions are currently on tour through North America celebrating their 50th anniversary, and despite their age, show no signs of slowing down. I caught their Brooklyn, New York performance at Barclays Center this past weekend, and I was genuinely amazed. With 2 of their members pushing 70 years old, they do more jumping, running and rocking out than most bands 1/3 their age! The fact that 3 of the members have been in the band longer than I have been alive also speaks volumes of their chemistry together, and it shows on stage.


As you might imagine, being an active band for 50 years means they’ve learned a thing or two about putting on a great show. So when it came time for Scorpions’ resident wack-a-doodle, James Kottak, to take his drum solo, I quickly pulled out my phone to document this.

I almost lost my shit at the 5:30 mark! I’ll just have to file that under “new tattoo ideas.”

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