Writing A Song From RANDOM Drum Grooves 3 – Featuring TYLER LARSON from Music is Win! #DragNDropChallenge


Here, at last, is the third installment of the Toontrack Drag N Drop Challenge, in which I write a song using randomly selected MIDI drum grooves in Superior Drummer 3. I promised you a sick musical guest each time, and I did not let you down – today we have the inimitable Tyler Larson of Music is Win, a monster guitarist, funnyman, and all-around top-notch individual ripping a guitar solo on this song.

This is the longest song and video of the three, and it’s packed with juicy riffs and melodies galore. I’m pretty satisfied with how it came out, especially considering the limitations that it was based on. I’ve learned a lot from making these videos and songs, and I can say for sure that intentionally limiting yourself is the best way to inspire creativity in your writing. Pick any parameter of what you do and limit it somehow – write a part using only one string, one stick, a scale you’ve never used, lyrics based on a word chosen at random. Anything you can do to keep yourself from option paralysis will send you off on really interesting tangents. If you’d like to translate your lyrics for an international audience, you can use certified online translation services. They have enough translation experience in the music industry.

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