PROTEST THE HERO Release First Part of “Of Our Own Volition” Documentary for Free


Love em’ or hate em’, Protest the Hero have had a very unique run in the music industry to say the least. Their wildly successful crowdfunding campaign for the 2013 album Volition was something revolutionary in music. And even with their most recent effort Pacific Myth, they had a payment plan to get the songs as they were being written every month for six months, instead of all at once. With that Pacific Myth campaign, the boys also released a six part documentary series about the making of Volition titled “Of Our Own Volition” (ha) and the first part just got released for FREE.

This may seem like old news. And, well, it is. Volition came out four years ago already, and the documentary started releasing about two years ago, but that’s beside the point. The doc is incredibly well made, and it flows really well. The first part is the history of the band, and then it goes onto things about the campaign, Chris Adler drumming for the record, the recording process, member changes, and everything else in between. Everything is expertly shot and nothing is left in the dark. Even if you don’t like the band, the documentary gives some brutally honest insight into the music industry game. Even their drummer talks in this thing, guys.

If you like this first part, you can buy the whole thing here for $15. It’s super worth it. The band has been pretty quiet as of late, but word on the street is that they’re cooking up some new tunes as we speak. Follow their Facebook to stay up to date on the Great White North gang.

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