POLYPHIA – Get a Peek Behind the Scenes on the LIT AF TOUR in New Mini Doc


The dudebros in the Polyphia camp had a camera follow them around on their longest (and first headlining) tour to date. Over the course of the LIT AF Tour – that was, for all intents and purposes, truly lit af – they compiled enough behind-the-scenes footage and interview-style voiceover to put together a really, really cool mini documentary.

I’m still not entirely sure I even understand what the hell a Sour Patch Kids house is, but Polyphia stayed there, and it looked lit af. They also visited the famed Ibanez custom shop in LA (LACS), which was also quite lit af. Though it’s a shorty at just around 7 minutes, it’s plain to see that these guys are thoroughly enjoying and appreciating every second on the road, and their laid-back enthusiasm is contagious.

If you weren’t able to catch them last time around, they’ll be departing on the BTBAM Colors tour alongside The Contortionist and Toothgrinder near the end of September. Those tickets are already selling like hotcakes; you can find a complete list of dates and ticket info here.

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