DUSTIN KENSRUE of THRICE Featured on Ernie Ball Music Man’s “Inspired By” Series


I really love this kind of stuff, even when its about a player or band that i’m not particularly familiar with. Truthfully I don’t know if I have ever listened to Thrice and been consciously aware of who I was hearing, but getting to hear guitarist/vocalist Dustin Kensrue talk a little bit about his roots, his music, and his love for the instrument totally made this an enjoyable and relatable watch. I’ve seen a few of the other videos like this that Ernie Ball/EBMM has done and they are always super awesome to see. Yes, even the Tom Delonge one…

Anyway, its always a cool thing to see guys from HUGE bands talking about their humble beginnings and about the things that make them just like the rest of us. For example: feeling naked when you don’t have a guitar in your hand.

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