OLA ENGLUND Quells RANDALL SATAN’s Flames with a HORIZON DEVICES Precision Drive


As a follow-up of sorts to his previous demo of Horizon Devices’s “Precision Drive,” Ola Englund took the pedal for another spin, this time through his signature Randall Satan head. He runs through a number of different amp/pedal settings in trademark Ola “couldn’t give a shit, but I’ll still melt your face” fashion, and the shit’s awesome.

If you’ll recall from the initial demo, he ran the Precision Drive in front of a Dual Rectifier (an amp noted for being one that a lot of modern players wouldn’t even touch without an overdrive) and the results were pretty stellar. Keep in mind, the Satan is noted for being a ridiculously tight amp as-is, but I’ll be damned if if the Precision Drive doesn’t pair incredibly well with one of the meanest amps I’ve heard.

You can read up more on the Precision Drive here and the Randall Satan hurr.

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