OLA ENGLAND Demos the EVH 5150 III Stealth

Everybody’s favorite Swedish gear demo man Ola Englund is back with a demo of the EVH 5150 III Stealth. Although it may, at first glance, just appear to be a different color, according to the website, it has the following improvements:

  • A re-voiced second channel for more present, defined low-mids and crunch
  • Enhanced low-frequency range on the third channel
  • Increased gain on channels 2 and 3 to drive your tone to the next level
  • Rear-panel resonance controls for each channel giving you even more powerful lows
  • Newly added adjustable bias control

And it’s always just a pleasure hearing Ola play, and the tones he gets, so smash that play button and fly to heaven on black wings of metal glory.

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  • Hola England

  • Somehow I feel like more low end and low-mids is really not helping anyone get better, mix-worthy high gain tones…

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