MOOER: Guitarist JOSH SEGUIN Gets Thrashy With The 005 Fifty-Fifty 3 Preamp Pedal


Mooer is a company known for their various and sundry guitar pedals. From micro and multi-effects pedals to Devin Townsend’s signature Ocean Machine reverb pedal, they’ve pretty much got this whole pedal thing down. And now, Mute the Saint guitarist Josh Seguin shows us the goods with a demonstration of the Mooer 005 Fifty-Fifty 3 Preamp pedal. Prepare to get spacey.

The Fifty-Fifty 3 is one of twelve “micro preamp” pedals that Mooer makes (they basically have one for every occasion). Each pedal is designed to simulate a different tube amplifier sound, as well as their own specific dynamics and responsiveness. In this particular demo, Josh takes the 005 through the ringer with a tasty thrash tune called ‘Mooer Hyper Thrash’. And boy does he go into hyperdrive. He shows off just how well the tube amp emulation sounds from of the 005, using the dual channels, integrated speaker cabinet simulation, and dual operating modes to get a nice, full tone. The song is full of speedy passages and sticky riffs, whichs puts the 005 to the ultimate test.

To get your mitts on one of these puppies (or pedals, whatever), head over to Mooer’s website and take a gander. And if you like what you heard in the demo, you can check out Josh’s Patreon for more delicious tunage.

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