MESHUGGAH – Ola Englund Demos Fredrik Thordendal’s Signature FORTIN “33” Clean Boost


Mike Fortin’s amp designs and mods are the stuff of legends. I recently saw a dude jam on a Fortin-modded Marshall 1959SLP that had one of the richest, creamiest, dreamiest high-gain sounds my own two ears have ever heard. Now, in what’s big news for any of us high-gainers, Fortin Amplification teamed up with Meshuggah’s Fredrik Thordendal to drop the 33 clean boost pedal.

A long two years in the making, the 33 is

a sonic detonator tool that will transform any amplifier into a metal wrecking ball machine. Boost level control provides up to +22dB of level with added side remote 1/4″ jack for channel switching with mini slide switch to change orientation normally open or closed. Industry standard true bypass switching. Top side mounted jacks and DC inlet for tight pedal board mounting applications. Matte Black powder coat finish with gloss black screening for a killer blacked out look. Proudly made in North America.

While every successive overdrive or clean boost type pedal claims to be the “best” in its class for tight, high-gain metal applications, the 33 is, at the very least, the most straightforward of the lot. There’s one knob; turn it until it sounds good. And it does sound good – trust.

You can hear Ola try it on a variety of amplifiers that benefit from a boost like this one. If you like what you hear, try one out.

We’ve all been chasing at least a derivative of Meshuggah’s monstrous sound for years. Is this our holy grail?

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