JEREMY KRULL – Mezzabarba Skill Demo

To make a guitar sound good you need a few things, two of the most important things being a great amplifier and an array of gnarly metal faces. Jeremy Krull showcases both of these in the video below. Watch as he talks you through the sound of the Italian Mezzabarba Skill head. Even at just 30 watts it is enough to blow your fuckin’ face right off.


Jeremy talks you through exactly what makes it such a great amp and he walks you through the specs and workings of it. Nicely portable with it being really small, weighing only 11kg it is perfect for using for shows or at home. Don’t be put off by its size though, as Jeremy confirms it is also extremely loud and powerful and definitely holds its own amongst the big dogs. It reflects Mezzabarba’s self proclaimed motto of “no compromise” without a doubt. It also glows red which makes it look extremely cool as well as sounding so.

At 30 watts you wouldn’t expect it to have a whole lot of bite but apparently it really does, Jeremy re-confirms that is is in fact, very loud. There’s also a few tricks that you can do in order to make it create some awesome distorted and clean sounds, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out how.

Extremely easy to dial in your tones, it is an easy piece of equipment to use. Each control being very sensitive yet also enabling precision. It is also very versatile (mich like Jeremy’s face) as can be seen from experimenting with the controls in order to create a vast tonal palette of sounds. Jeremy states that he’s yet to find something that it can’t do.

Go check the Mezzabarba Skill out over at Destroy All Guitars – you won’t be disappointed.

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