Are you in the market for a sweet multi-channel audio interface? Or perhaps on the lookout for some better preamps to add to your recording rig? Well, our good pal over at Spectre Sound Studios, Mr. Glenn Fricker, recently did a rundown and demonstration of the features of the Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic interface! The demo also includes a pretty dope guitar and drum demonstration, performed by drummer Cameron Fleury and our very own Gear Gods mastermind, Mr. Trey Xavier on guitar! Wowee, just look at those fingers fly!

Now the Focusrite OctoPre Dynamic is cool for a few reasons, as Glenn talks about in the demo. The 8-channel analog interface contains the signature Scarlett Series Microphone-Preamps with built-in AD-DA converters. These preamps are great for warming up and enhancing the sound of whatever is going through them, whether it be snare or vocals. The interface also includes an adjustable analog soft-knee compressor per channel, as well as the famous “More” switch which doubles the compression ratio. Perfect for getting that classic “radio voice” for voice-over work as Glenn demonstrates. Overall it gives you tons of options to work with, produces some great sounds, and can pretty much enhance anything that’s thrown at it!

You can learn more about all the features of the OctoPre Dynamic here if you want to find out more. And if you dug this kind of review, be sure to check out Glenn’s channel at Spectre Sound Studios on YouTube, as well as his website and Facebook page, Spectre Media Group. Happy recording!

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