Every Fractal Audio AxeFx III Amp Sound Demoed


Not too much to say about this one – it’s exactly what it sounds like. Monster guitarist Cooper Carter (of Solo A Week YouTube fame) sits through the arduous task of demoing every single amp model on the Fractal Audio AxeFx III. I hope he took frequent breaks and rewarded himself with an ice cream cone at the end because that was a gauntlet. 

On a related note, I want an AxeFx III real bad now. Gimme.

Cooper is also running a contest for these videos – it’s a challenge, but there’s a sweet swag pack you can win: Name ALL 263 riffs and win a 30 minute Skype lesson with Cooper, a Fractal Audio swag pack, an Ernie Ball gear pack, and a copy of AustinBuddy’s 1000+ Naked Amps TonePack for either the Axe-Fx II or III! Answers accepted until 9/4/18 at midnight. E-mail your answers to info@coopercarter.com!

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